someday i will move into a forest

someday i will move into a forest miles and miles away from all my friends in the freedom of the trees i’ll be alone i’ll stay there til the end of my short life i will be at home. i’ll make my living baking daily bread for the people in the little town nearby i’llContinue reading “someday i will move into a forest”


i’m sorry i can’t write maybe i will but not tonight i broke my glasses and i failed the english paper i was technically supposed to do last week my hot water isn’t working and i really just can’t sleep my room’s a mess and i just haven’t been myself . i’m sorry that iContinue reading “excuses”

i would’ve gone to ohio.

something in my brain was saying that this life wasn’t for me. it’s been a nice ride, mother of states but i gotta get out of here. where is a bus schedule when you need it? none of our suitcases were big enough. but the voice in my head kept screaming i gotta get outContinue reading “i would’ve gone to ohio.”

my head hurts

i shouldn’t be awake but it’s way too late to try to fall asleep it’s too quiet but a laptop screen can keep good company am i the only one with my bedroom lights on is anyone else awake? i hit my skull on a hole in the wall and now i have a headache.Continue reading “my head hurts”

poisoned (a poetic short?)

last night i had a dream that i was poisoned by someone who used to be a close friend of mine. i woke up sad, but not alarmed, not quite surprised. i slid on my socks and rolled up my blinds. it was still dark out, i could just barely see the outlines of theContinue reading “poisoned (a poetic short?)”

bridgian night

i’m so excited about my first story for narrative class that i have to share it with everyone. sorry. Mona Moore dashed down the sidewalk, clutching the sleeves of her large purple sweater around her shoulders. The wind blew in her face and tossed her tangled black hair. As the sky grew darker and theContinue reading “bridgian night”

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