poisoned (a poetic short?)

last night i had a dream that i was poisoned by someone who used to be a close friend of mine. i woke up sad, but not alarmed, not quite surprised. i slid on my socks and rolled up my blinds. it was still dark out, i could just barely see the outlines of theContinue reading “poisoned (a poetic short?)”

sweater weather

i’m kinda mad at me for writing something this cheesy but i guess i’ll give myself a break cause i’m happy today. . it’s time to lie down in the dust and let go of the day the hour has come to stay inside it’s time to fly away close your eyes and say goodbyeContinue reading “sweater weather”


he didn’t eat for forty days or sleep for forty nights he stood atop his sailing boat and watched the lightning strike searching for a paper town she crumbled in her bed underneath the insulation torn above her head lamp still on he stayed awake and worried himself sick trying to decipher if it wasContinue reading “runaway”

our hometown’s in the dark

the busy streets of the city i’m from were dark and bleak the sky was numb i said to everyone let’s move away somewhere brighter where we can feel safe away to the forest into the day streetlight posts were guiding the way all was in color i was in love i chose the placeContinue reading “our hometown’s in the dark”


will you be my lullaby sing me softly through the night cause i’m afraid of what’s inside the deepest chasms of my mind you can be my lullaby my music box broke long a go and i can’t sleep again but i think it would be awful nice if you could be my lullaby .Continue reading “lullaby”

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