my head hurts

i shouldn’t be awake but it’s way too late to try to fall asleep it’s too quiet but a laptop screen can keep good company am i the only one with my bedroom lights on is anyone else awake? i hit my skull on a hole in the wall and now i have a headache.Continue reading “my head hurts”

random untitled post #3

i’m feeling a little bit lost at the moment. (aren’t we all.) i wish i had some cool words to say. or a neat picture with a thought provoking message. but unfortunately the last thing i want to do right now is think (although it’s pretty hard to avoid) so it could be a whileContinue reading “random untitled post #3”


wake up. you button your shirt. you look into a glass. you’re a disaster. but there’s no time. you’re in my story now. talk about yourself . they don’t wanna hear it. breathe your day in no detail you stop on a sidewalk on the way to your car to pick a little flower peekingContinue reading “overcast”


will you be my lullaby sing me softly through the night cause i’m afraid of what’s inside the deepest chasms of my mind you can be my lullaby my music box broke long a go and i can’t sleep again but i think it would be awful nice if you could be my lullaby .Continue reading “lullaby”

midnight poetry of sorts

i have so many feelings i have so many thoughts so many bright ideas buzzing in my head like stars in the darkest evening sky oh what would i what would i give to be in someone’s arms tonight i went outside today walked on a sidewalk- what do you know! the trees were ohContinue reading “midnight poetry of sorts”

half alive

i guess you could call me a dreamer. that would be the nice way to put it. i definitely do have dreams. millions of them. huge dreams. things that i look forward to every single day of my life. but instead of motivating me and propelling me forward like they do with most people, mineContinue reading “half alive”

why i can't social life

i am unbelievably shy. no wait. you don’t get it. i’m not just a little awkward with small talk. when face to face with another person, my brain literally shuts down and i can’t talk. i don’t know what it is or where it came from, but i just can’t bring myself to do it.Continue reading “why i can't social life”

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