my head doesn’t hurt as much (a sequel)

i’ve always been afraid of the dark, for as long as i can remember. so afraid, in fact, that i still keep my door halfway open at night to let some light in, and most nights i have to go through an entire hour long routine to calm myself down or i can’t sleep. despiteContinue reading “my head doesn’t hurt as much (a sequel)”

hospital room memories

death inspires me like a dog inspires a rabbit -twenty one pilots the first time i remember feeling the urge to create was when i was around twelve years old. a priest from the church my family attended, a beloved friend of ours, was suffering from cancer of some kind, and my family and iContinue reading “hospital room memories”


will you be my lullaby sing me softly through the night cause i’m afraid of what’s inside the deepest chasms of my mind you can be my lullaby my music box broke long a go and i can’t sleep again but i think it would be awful nice if you could be my lullaby .Continue reading “lullaby”


everybody’s writing about the virus, so i guess that’s a thing i should talk about maybe. it’s scary. not in a pandemic action movie kind of way. like in a real life kind of way. not that i have anything to worry about. but i’m very scared for others. even if i was concerned aboutContinue reading “lockdown”

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