about me

hi. this is my blog, brain hurricane. expect it to be a combination of my personal journal and a chaotic chasm of all of my many, many thoughts. all credits go to my brain. it wrote it, not me.

a little bit about me:

i am very creative and have tried pretty much every artistic medium that exists (which doesn’t mean it worked out).

i’m currently into digital illustrating, but there are so many digital artists out there with insane skills and i have no idea how they do it.

i write stories and poetry sometimes. i also write my own songs, but they never come out quite right.

i play the ukulele and sing a little.

i am semi-band-obsessed and can talk at you about twenty øne piløts for hours.

i am extremely awkward and shy. and strange, which i don’t necessarily see as a bad thing.

i think. a lot.

me and my ghost friend sendin you some love

unfortunately i re-invent myself on a regular basis (it’s a problem) you might even know me from a different site. unfortunately i forgot to export files from my previous site so that’s gone forever, but feel free to explore this one if you’d like.

thank you for stopping by.

tw: some posts may contain mentions of suicide and/or mental health issues

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