someday i will move into a forest

someday i will move into a forest miles and miles away from all my friends in the freedom of the trees i’ll be alone i’ll stay there til the end of my short life i will be at home. i’ll make my living baking daily bread for the people in the little town nearby i’llContinue reading “someday i will move into a forest”


i’m sorry i can’t write maybe i will but not tonight i broke my glasses and i failed the english paper i was technically supposed to do last week my hot water isn’t working and i really just can’t sleep my room’s a mess and i just haven’t been myself . i’m sorry that iContinue reading “excuses”

1:40 AM

(notice: tw for mentions of suicide, self harm and mental health struggles. all of this is just a ramble of my own thoughts and opinions, sorry if you disagree or if i offended you in any way. i’m not meaning to hurt anyone.) would you look at that? awake in the middle of the night.Continue reading “1:40 AM”

i would’ve gone to ohio.

something in my brain was saying that this life wasn’t for me. it’s been a nice ride, mother of states but i gotta get out of here. where is a bus schedule when you need it? none of our suitcases were big enough. but the voice in my head kept screaming i gotta get outContinue reading “i would’ve gone to ohio.”

nonsense words

i’ve been forced to face most of my fears today, one after one then the other. i woke up in darkness surrounded by ghosts black white and yellow and red i couldn’t call for help; my battery was dead some sickness had entered by body and weathered me down in my sleep i was weak.Continue reading “nonsense words”

my head doesn’t hurt as much (a sequel)

i’ve always been afraid of the dark, for as long as i can remember. so afraid, in fact, that i still keep my door halfway open at night to let some light in, and most nights i have to go through an entire hour long routine to calm myself down or i can’t sleep. despiteContinue reading “my head doesn’t hurt as much (a sequel)”

my head hurts

i shouldn’t be awake but it’s way too late to try to fall asleep it’s too quiet but a laptop screen can keep good company am i the only one with my bedroom lights on is anyone else awake? i hit my skull on a hole in the wall and now i have a headache.Continue reading “my head hurts”

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