will you be my lullaby

sing me softly through the night

cause i’m afraid of what’s inside

the deepest chasms of my mind

you can be my lullaby

my music box broke long a go

and i can’t sleep again but i

think it would be awful nice

if you could be my lullaby


dream a song and set it free

give up control of everything

write your mind off to the dark

we won’t be walking very far

before our thoughts get lost in here

and all our sanity disappears

if we still had some to begin

let it be carried to the wind


we’ll go mad

oh won’t we


take a

breath and

then again

cause when the breeze is strong and deep

refusing to move anything

except the tassels of your coat

and you don’t know just what is real

i cannot be your lifeboat


dreams merge with reality

and real things aren’t making sense

your world is turned upon its head

you’ll start to wish that you were de ad

then your mind will set to work

drawing out the small details

you’ll see things that aren’t there

sitting in your bedroom chair

and you can give them all your hurt

but they’ll just hurt you even more


so lock the doors

shut the windows

turn on lights

don’t close your eyes

look ahead

un der your bed

out the glass

imagine that

there’s a sound

to keep you safe

no one else is

around these days

no one else can hear you cry


will you be my lullaby

Published by -doodle-

a bit odd, band-obsessed, likes to think they're cool when they're probably not. digital artist/cartoonist. overthinks a lot.

5 thoughts on “lullaby

  1. Oh my gosh I almost read this like a song!! It was so whispery and soft and magical in my mind. Poems that make you feel that way are magical dont you think.😱❤❤🥰💕

    Liked by 3 people

    1. thank you!!! magical is a lovely word, one of my favorites. it makes me so happy to hear someone say that about my work 😊

      Liked by 3 people

  2. hello fellow person
    if you see me in your notifs, i’ve just found your words and how lovely they are and i can’t believe i haven’t seen you around before
    so hello
    this poem was beautiful
    and i shall go read your recent works soon

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello friend!! Thank you so much for reading my work, it means so much! I’m so very glad you liked it. (Also I apologize for not noticing your comment sooner, my notification are acting strange!)

      Liked by 1 person

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